Carla D'Oliveira

Carla D'Oliveira

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April 15, 2019

Trusting the 12 years of experience, Carla D'Oliveira's main objective is to see the smile of the client at the end
of the work.
A bride has to be perfect on this day so important and unique, so Carla D'Oliveira studies each face to enhance the beauty of each
bride making her feel confident and beautiful on the day of their wedding.
The guests will also be able to enjoy the services and whenever necessary there will be a team so they all can be
unconcerned with this part. We will leave all radiating on that day.
Carla D'Oliveira is based in Lisbon but she also goes to the bride's residence, making this service the most comfortable for the cliente.
It's always with much dedication and pleasure that Carla D'Oliveira takes
part of those memorable and magical days.


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