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August 22, 2019

We are portuguese-knitted Catarina Capelo and Rute Ferreira, both designers, and together we have handcrafted d’enfiada, a traditionally unconventional project.
We have a humour sharp as a needle and watch life around us in detail. You can be sure that we have our eyes and ears in every single conversation around us.

Our life together itself started a bit out of line with what is considered to be normal, as we have met in a garden bench while throwing popcorn at seals. We soon discovered that we both had a love for arts and crafts and everything knitted. And so, d’enfiada was born.

Our followers are key in defining the success in every single one of our creations, as they tell us first hand what’s good or not (everything from decoration to fashion). If it wasn’t for them... we would find someone else.

Come and talk to us, you won’t get the same thing twice. No bullshit, we like to craft everything we say and do, because life socks and then you dye.

Warning: no penis requests, please.




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We are waiting for your request to be a part of the Bad Bad Maria tribe