João de Medeiros . Pamela Leite

João de Medeiros . Pamela Leite

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May 22, 2019

João de Medeiros was born in Porto in 1982 where he lives and develops his artistic and professional work.

Graduated in Photography and Fine Arts from Escola Superior Artística do Porto, Artistic interventions in Public Spaces by Universidade Lusófona and Master of Education in Visual Arts from the Faculdade de Belas Artes and Faculdade de Psicologia University of Porto.

With an artistic career also marked by Jazz and Theatre, it is in Photography where he finds his identity. Regularly works with several companies and institutions and highlights the group exhibitions with the Art Gallery Olga Santos, ESAP and artistic interventions "É favor pisar as Flores " (2009 ) , " 12 Horas no Coração da cidade " (2010), "Agostinho Ricca - Olhar a Arquitectura" (2015)

Recently he is devoted to the teaching of Visual Arts and Documentary Wedding Photography.

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