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August 22, 2019

I photograph life, pure, simple, natural moments. Whether it’s a wedding or a music concert, love is the common ingredient.
Looking without being seen, is our main focus, registering the moment.
Ultimately, I’m a memoire collector, taking one of my most valuable asset, observation, to capture the best that there is in each one of us. That smile, that eye connection between a couple, the complicity, the joy, the happiness, or simply ‘that’ moment.
A teenager daughter, two cats, a love for tea, sea, music, arts and a lot of energy, is what moves me everyday to create more and more memoirs.
Contact me through the form at ‘get in touch’ on the menu bar. I will be delighted to respond to your request, no matter how simple it is. Our philosophy of work stands on a basis of everyday photography for everybody.

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We are waiting for your request to be a part of the Bad Bad Maria tribe