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Pé de Flor

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August 22, 2019


Second only to the groom, the bride bouquet can be considered the bride’s great companion on her wedding day. The importance of this piece is indisputable - taking various shapes, sizes and reinforcing the palette chosen for the wedding or having a neutral stand, the truth is that it reflects the bride’s personality.From the choice of flowers and their meanings, to the combination of scales, textures, wrapped around the fist – with ribbons dropping or simply tied; with tokens that honour those who have departed… it is indeed the most important floral piece of a wedding!

As such, it is the piece that should deserve the most special attention: from choosing flowers of superior quality and resistance, to the technical work involved and the understanding that it should be able to speak for itself. The piece must be in line with the silhouette of the dress, reflect the style and mood of the wedding.

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