Tarot with Patricia Vieira

Tarot with Patricia Vieira

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March 21, 2019

Patrícia is a Holistic Tarot Reader and Therapist that offers integral personal and life guidance through the Tarot.

The Tarot is a very natural, positive and insightful tool that provides important information about yourself, the other people in your life, and all types of relationships and life situations, as for example getting married. In these readings, the Tarot will predict the possible results of any situation, will warn you of any problems that may arise and will give you wise advice about what to do so to overcome problems and get the very best and most positive outcomes in the future.

Patrícia will help you overcome blockages, fears and painful recurring patterns so to heal all that limits and prevents you from living the wonderful life you really want to live.
Getting married supposes a profound life transition that brings new challenges and difficulties that didn’t exist before.

The Tarot is a wonderful way to navigate those challenges and find the most positive, effective and empowering solutions for yourself, your husband to be and your relationship, and find true and long-lasting happiness. 


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