4 Reasons To Marry In Portugal

March 7, 2019


Photo by João Barnabé Photography

Portugal is known for its sunny weather, friendly people, relaxed mood and quality service. And Lisbon is on the spotlight. Several are the dream places to held your wedding ceremony, from the vineyards and mountains specially at North of Portugal, the immense Alentejo hills and warm beaches further South. You may take advantage as well of the exquisite corners that Lisbon offers. Portugal can be a great wedding destination.

Here are 4 obvious reasons to choose Portugal to be your wedding destination:

1 - Safe country in general: but we must be attentive to our wallets as we should be in any other place.

2 - Wonderful landscapes and places not to be missed: Rivers of crystalline waters, Sea with true smell of the sea, great open beaches, secular gardens and woods, vineyards, farms and mysterious places to discover, all are fantastic venues where it is possible to marry out of sight, if it is what you desire.

3 - Quality and price: When we think about marrying in a different country, we think about the costs we have associated with the travel and accommodation of everyone involved, from grooms, family and friends. With so much existing offer, you can find the service you want at a fair price. And the options are immense. We are sure that your friends and family will feel an extra motivation that is to stay a few more days and visit Portugal.

4 - Portuguese wedding planners with multicultural experience. If you want a different, memorable event for everyone, you can trust in all vendors for your destination wedding you may find in our Bad Bad Maria directory.

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4 Reasons To Marry In Portugal