How to find my beautiful wedding dress in Portugal or elsewhere

February 5, 2019


Choosing the wedding dress is quite difficult for 3 reasons:

  1. The bride is on the spotlight. Even in the most alternative ceremonies the attention is focused on the bride. Therefore, the bride feels an even greater responsibility to be perfect.
  2. Usually in the brides’ shops you don’t find that many options- because they have a few samples - or even if they have a good variety, it seems that they are not the ones you wish
  3. It can be a relatively high investment, depending on the shop, dress designer or style you want.

Don’t be discouraged! Let’s get to work to find your dream dress.

First, do your homework to be sure of what you want since you will see so many options that the process instead of being pleasant, can become painful. Prepare yourself, do some research and personal reflection before leaving for the shop or fashion designer’s atelier marathon. Believe me, you will see a bit of everything:

  • princess alike dresses,
  • laces applied in a variety of ways,
  • whole or two-piece dresses,
  • smooth or with appliques,
  • boho or classic style,
  • Straight or evasé,
  • accentuating the silhouette or looser,
  • Long or short,
  • with varied necklines and much much more.

I’m tired already, you may think.

Start by searching online, see the trends of the year - you can check here the 2019 fashion trends, check the Pinterest galleries, the designers you like, the colors - in this article see some suggestions of colorful wedding dresses, and think of the theme or themes you want for your ceremony. Start by eliminating what you would never use.

The NO list:

  • I do not want to wear white dress
  • I do not want to wear a long dress
  • I do not want to wear a veil
  • I do not want to wear princess dress

And after making your NO list, do the YES list:

  • I want a simple dress
  • I want to wear comfortable shoes
  • I want the dress in my favorite color, besides white colour

After the listing you will know with greater certainty which supplier to visit and what you should try, avoiding wasting time and enjoying much more of this process of looking for something that will be so important for you: the wedding dress.

Maybe the best thing is to visit a dress designer. In our directory find some Portuguese suppliers that may be to your liking. The international trends are inspirational, but it is not imperative to follow them closely. The important thing is to feel good. After this step, go to the next one and choose the shoes and accessories you want.


Be inspired, be you!


Please share your questions and concerns with us and we will present more alternative suggestions and inspirational proposals that will help in the process of organizing your wedding. 


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