Five Delicious Ideas of Alternative Wedding Cakes

March 14, 2019


The ceremonial cutting of the wedding cake is considered by many to be the most meaningful wedding reception activity (not of the ceremony), and is governed by some traditions. In Portugal the cake-cutting is usually held at the end of the day or of the reception because after this event - and also seems to be a common practice in Portugal - the guests are "legitimated" to leave the party. In fact, the bride and groom want everyone to spend as much time as possible at the venue to enjoy the party together. That’s why they choose a later moment for cake-cutting.

Slicing the cake is a time when all guests reunite again. That's why it's also a great occasion for speeches or thanks. Ask a family member or a friend to say some words.

If you are an alternative couple, you can choose to cut the cake at any time of your wedding reception timeline, maybe soon after the exchange of votes, becoming a relaxed moment and of conviviality among all, after the strong emotions of the ceremony.  All of this will depend on the timeline of your wedding party and the cocktail or dinner hour, but you can actually cut the cake at any time. Share this idea with your wedding planner.

Do you imagine a wedding reception in Portugal without wedding cake?

Wedding cake is likely to be in any wedding reception, be it more conventional or a more alternative wedding party. The cake is a key piece. Therefore, the couple cares so much about it that deeply wants it to be perfect, to their liking and quite bold.

To choose the right cake designer is also made taking into account the same ideas sharing between both of you. Look at their portfolios, and do not be afraid to talk about your strangest desires.  You can search as well at our directory to check some Portuguese vendors for your destination wedding in Portugal.

But the cake is not always a knife-cutting cake, it may simply be available for guests to pick up their delicious piece of bolas de berlim (delicious portuguese fried cake with cream inside), macarrons, donuts or cupcakes.

Be inspired by our 5 delicious ideas of alternative wedding cakes and quite out of the box.

wedding cake macarons in a box

Wedding Cake "Macarons in a Box"

wedding cake bolas de berlim

Wedding Cake "Tower of Bolas de Berlim" 

Photo: Bárbara Araújo

Bolas de Berlim is a tradicional and very well know portuguese pastry, which is fried and stuffed with sweet cream 

wedding cake donuts Portugal

Wedding cake "Layers of Donuts"

wedding cake pastel de nata

Wedding Cake: Delicious portuguese pastry "Pastel de Nata"

Photo: Nimagens

wedding cake cupcakes

wedding cake cupcakes

Wedding Cake: A small, main cake for the cake cutting ceremony and cupcakes to hand out to your wedding guests is a very nice idea registered by D10photo in this boho chic wedding we shared.