Azores Wedding Experience in Portugal

October 9, 2019


A wedding that is just a chapter

This isn’t a marriage or a love story. It's just a chapter. A plunge into this couple’s life, with a strong relationship that they wanted to see celebrated.

The scenario could be no other: an idyllic reality in the middle of the Atlantic, one that witnessed the birth of this relationship seven years ago. In communion with Nature, they decided to exchange only vows and wedding rings. They embarked on an adventure without thinking about life's obstacles and sought someone to help them realize their vision.

The wedding vendors were joining in

They found the Bad Bad Maria’s directory and connected the dots. They spoke to Cátia, who fell in love with the project and promised to help them make this dream come true. Joining her were Pedro Vilela Photography and Carlos Ferreira of Videoart, the perfect elements to immortalize this experience. Despite the simplicity they wanted to impose on the ceremony, the bride and groom made a point of being registered and also dressing up for the occasion, inviting Rita Costumista to materialize Sandra's vision of dresses for this ceremony.

See how this experience was immortalized by videoart at Azores a magical destination wedding in Portugal

A three days wedding adventure

The Azores is an archipelago of nine islands located in the north eastern Atlantic, with generally mild temperatures and fairly varying precipitation levels. This is the magic of the Azores, an inconstancy that constitutes an unavoidable mediator between Man and Nature - its curious to note how this particularity is found in the people of these islands and very much so in these bride and groom. 

It was three days spent between Faial and Pico, capturing the essence of this couple. The date chosen was just after the Azores Trail Run, a three-stage race that runs through the three islands of the São Jorge, Pico and Faial triangle, totalling more than a hundred kilometres and with an upward curvature equivalent to climbing the Everest. The adventure began at Faial (final stage of the race) where the bride and groom passed in Caldeira (volcanic crater). The next day, they went to the Pico island, where they decided to marry, but not before being documented at the preferred sites of the island most dearly to them, from the virgin forests, where even the wild horses came to bless their decision, to the dip in the sea beach uniting them with almost sprinkled fairy dust (Porto Pim Beach). 

The exquisite nature of Azores

During the crossing of the canal, it was possible to glimpse the summit of the Pico’s volcano in its entire splendour - as if a toast and a blessing to what was going to happen in the following days. Between Lagoa do Capitão (The Captain's Lagoon) and Mistérios (The Mysteries), both magical sites of Pico Island, the couple walked through valleys full of vineyards, expanses of black lava and the intense blue of the sea. At the end of the day, and on the way back to Faial, the trip to Capelinhos (volcano) was unavoidable. The bride changed her dress and she and the groom ended the night around the bonfire. 

These were moments of unexplained feelings, ones when all the senses were awakened. These were moments of life that were not just a dream come true - they were their overcoming!

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Azores wedding credits

By Bad Bad Maria
Photography – Pedro Vilela Photography
Vídeography – Videoart
Wedding Dresses – Rita Costumista
Planning and bouquet – Cátia Silva Weddings
Earings – Sara Sousa Pinto
Bride's Embroidery– D’enfiada
Groom socks - Gabirus

Special thanks to Carla Costa, Helena Gomes for their unconditional support and Miguel Silva for their contribution to the ceremony.