Getting married in Portugal- when and where

October 3, 2019


Written by Sandra M Gomes

  • You may choose the date of your wedding day according to the season.
  • You may choose the venue according to the landscapes.
  • You may choose the country according to the legal requirements.
  • You may choose a place just because you fell in love.

There is a small, friendly country by the sea, in southern Europe, where all this comes together: Portugal.

In Portugal, the preferred seasons for getting married are spring and summer, but there are also other dates in the considered low season that are beginning to be sought, with the advantage of helping to keep the budget on schedule.

How is the weather?

From winter to summer, the TEMPERATURE in Portugal is neither too cold nor too hot. This is not always true, and climate change makes it difficult to predict the weather.

Even so, The SKY is usually infinitely BLUE most of the year. Although on winter days the gray clouds and the snow white candure on top of the mountains makes their appearance.

What are the landscapes look like?

The LANDSCAPES are still untouchable and unique. Lush green grounds and of rare beauty during all seasons.

With about 92 thousand km2 and about 10 million inhabitants, Portugal has mountains with snow in winter, as it happens at Serra da Estrela and, occasionally, at Pico island in the Azores Archipelago.

Portugal has islands and islets, extensive plains in the Alentejo, vineyards, forests, unique historical and monumental heritage, rivers, beaches, natural water reservoirs and much more! It's so easy to choose the place to get married in Portugal!

What time of year do we suggest getting married in Portugal?

hot hair balloon wedding in Portugal

Photo: Bárbara Araújo Photography

Book the first half of November to get married in the air during the Hot Air Balloon festival in Alentejo. Bad Bad Maria organized the first hot air balloon wedding in Portugal in 2017.

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beach wedding in Portugal

Photo: he.said.yes

The summer months are ideal for a beach wedding. The Portuguese coast is extensive, from the north to the Algarve.
This beach wedding was held on a Costa da Caparica beach, a few kilometers from Lisbon.

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wedding in a vineyard in Portugal

Photo: D10photo

Enjoy the green vineyards in the summer or the fall colour tones in the harvest season while entertaining your guests with farm activities. This Boho Chic wedding took place on a private farm in Douro region.

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wedding in the woods in Portugal

Photo: Dreamaker

Let yourself be carried away by the magic of enchanted forests at any time of the year in Portugal. This was a wedding in the woods located in a venue in Portugal, which is worth visiting.

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wedding in Azores, Portugal

Photo: Marta Cabral Photo

Feel the sea breeze in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean on any island of the Azores archipelago. This wedding took place in the Azores, in the Santa Barbara Leisure Zone, one of the highest points of Terceira Island.

As we already mentioned, we are facing climate change, and there is always a fickle about the weather forecast. Be aware and always have a plan B ready for action, whether in summer or winter. You never know when in rains.

open day for couples in Lisbon, Portugal

Get more information on the best time to get married in Portugal by attending the Bad Bad Maria Open Day, on October 26th. 

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